Costa Rica: An Imaginary Vacation

Yearning for a destination that’s not your living room? Say no more.

We at Casey are spending the next few weeks bringing you on virtual vacations. Although we can’t get up and travel now, we could all use a bit of inspiration for the future, nevermind some well-deserved escapism.

This week, we’re transporting you to the sunny shorelines of Costa Rica. With nearly 20,000 square miles of majestic rainforests, beaches and volcanoes, after reading this, you’ll see why so many travelers are all about the pura vida lifestyle.

Bag to Bring

No check-in? No problem. The cherry red Tarpaulin Carry-On from Hideo Wakamatsu — which can be rented through yours truly post-pandemic — is a roomy, sturdy bag that’s fit for all your wildest adventures. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting soaked in an afternoon rain shower.

Sights to See

According to the Costa Rican Embassy, the country accounts for just 0.03% of Earth's surface, but contains "nearly 6 percent of the world's biodiversity." It's bursting with lush rainforests, volcanoes and idyllic beaches.

Can you feel the sand between your toes? That's just your carpet, but still, feel free to dream.

Here are some videos from Costa Rica’s most breathtaking locales to fully immerse you in your virtual vacation:

Snacks to Eat

Costa Rica offers a wide variety of delicious, refreshing cuisine. Its unofficial national dish is a rice and beans meal called Gallo Pinto, which literally translates to "painted rooster."

Can you smell the sweet smokiness of that Salsa Lizano? Feel free to pack this brown sauce on your comida as much as you like for a more authentic flavor.

If you're feeling particularly hungry, all of these Costa Rican favorites can be sent right to your door.

If you love cooking and want to spice up your quarantine recipes, check out Gallito Pinto: Traditional Recipes From Costa Rica.

Drinks to Sip On

In Costa Rica, "sodas" are not just a fizzy pop. Sodas are what Costa Ricans call their local restaurants.

You can order many different kinds of meals and drinks at sodas including refrescos — juices made with fresh fruit and milk or water. Imagine the taste of sweet cantaloupe mixed with the refreshing chaser of lime on a hot day. ¡Que rico!

Stay energized with more delicious bebidas:

Skincare and Beauty

Imagine soaking in a Costa Rican hot spring, sipping on some sweet agua fresca while the sun sets over the rainforest.

While you may not be able to luxuriate in a mud bath right now, Costa Rican artisans use the country's rich natural resource to make skincare products you can indulge in at home:

We’ll be back soon with another virtual vacation. For more food, drink, and lifestyle tidbits from around the world, sign up for our emails:


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